Carnivorous Pitcher Plant

Carnivorous Pitcher Plant
one of the first plants in our swim pond

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Winter Mode

The weather has certainly cooled off - for Brisbane that is. Its definitely too cool for swimming now, but the life in the pool/pond goes on. Most of the tadpoles have left and we have seen many little frogletts of Litoria peronii on the plants around the pool, preparing to leave permanently - until next breeding season that is. There are now 4 baby water dragons warming themselves on the rocks in the mornings, and hunting insects around the pool. And the fish seem to be in breeding mode- but no sign of baby fish yet.

 This little frog (on the yellow leaf- right) is still absorbing his tail

The water colour crisis is over and the water is crystal clear- perhaps too clear - we are considering whether to vacuum the bottom of the pool for appearances sake. But we are going away for three weeks tomorrow, so no vacuuming right now and no more blogging 'till we come back.

Check out the clarity of the water under these lotuses - the pebbles are on the top of the filter bed- this is the deep end of the pool. The depth of the pebbles is about a meter, and the pool pressure release valve you can see is at about 2m depth. The greenish tint is the result of the reflections from a large tree nearby and the colour we painted the pool. 

Well that,s it from me for a few weeks. We are travelling. hopefully the pool will not miss us, and will remain clean for our return.